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Nonprofit Resource Center of Western Virginia

The Roanoke Bar Association is proud to announce a pilot program that will permit its members to represent local nonprofit organizations on a pro bono basis.  The program is a collaborative between the RBA and the Nonprofit Resource Center of Western Virginia.

The Nonprofit Resource Center of Western Virginia was recently established to assist nonprofit organizations in gathering expertise for its members, including legal assistance.  The Nonprofit Resource Center is a program of the Council of Community Services and is receiving support from the City of Roanoke and City of Salem.  Click here for a list of the NRC member organizations.

The Board of Directors of the RBA believes a partnership with the NRC will provide a valuable service to nonprofit organizations (not their constituents) and permit RBA members to contribute to their community on a pro bono basis.  Unlike existing pro bono opportunities available through the RBA, the program permits RBA members to work closely with nonprofit organizations in the Roanoke Valley and assist them on legal issues ranging from basic employment-related concerns to issues regarding their 501(c)(3) status.  Of course, any legal assistance provided to these nonprofit organizations would not conflict with circumstances where local attorneys would otherwise receive a fee.

The pilot program will consist of several "teams" of attorneys who will pair with "teams" of nonprofit organizations.  The attorney "team leader" will receive requests for assistance from the nonprofit "team" members and distribute the assignments to the other members of the legal "team" based on expertise.  Any one attorney's involvement is limited to no more than 10 hours per quarter.

Please take a few minutes to review the Program Agreement and the Attorney Guidelines.  We appreciate your consideration of this important program and hope that you will complete and return the Volunteer Form.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Scott Austin.