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Memorials and Resolutions

Below are the memorials that we have on file honoring deceased members of the RBA.  If you have copies of memorials that are not listed below but that you are willing to share, please contact Cathy Caddy.

Aheron, Michael J.
Albert, Burton L.
Ballou, Ernest Wade
Barnard, Kevin O.
Bates, Harold M.
Beverly, Frank E., Sr.
Copenhaver, John D.
Coulter, Jack B.
Creech, William J., Jr.
Derryberry, Eugene E.
Dickinson, William A.
Ellett, J. Albert
Farrell, Thomas W.
Fellers, Stanford L., Jr.
Fitzpatrick, F. Rodney
Glenn, Jane S.
Hanes, Leigh B., Jr.
Hopkins, Fortescue W.
Hopkins, William B., Sr.
Kennett, Jack H., Jr.
Kidd, Edward S., Jr.
Kincanon, James N.
King, Kenneth C., Jr.
King, W. Courtney, Jr.
Lawrence, Richard L.
Mason, Thomas B.
Mayson, Preston B., Jr.
Musgrove, Lawrence C.
Moore, Ellen S.
Natt, Edward A.
Plunkett, T. L., Jr.
Poff, William B.
Rogers, Frank W., Jr.
Smith, Arthur E.
Ward, Felix Jack
Welch, Bruce E.
Wilson, John M., Jr.
Woodrum, Clifton A., III

Below are resolutions honoring members of the RBA:

Caddy, Catherine L., Executive Director
Carson, David B.

Raney, Julian H., Jr.

Resolutions by the Board of Directors:

Resolution In Support of Filling Judicial Vacancies - December, 2012