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Virginia State Bar
Fee Dispute Resolution Program

There have been recent changes to the Fee Dispute Resolution Program.  Until late 2006, the Program offered only arbitration for the resolution of fee disputes between lawyers and clients.  Mediation has now been incorporated into the Program, so lawyers and clients may choose between mediation and arbitration as the preferred means to resolve the disputes.  The Virginia State Bar encourages the use of the Program which provides a private, efficient and inexpensive way for lawyers and clients to resolve their fee disputes.

The Program operates locally under the auspices of the Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit Committee for Resolution of Fee Disputes.  This committee is staffed with certified mediators and lawyer and non-lawyer arbitrators, all of whom have been trained in fee dispute resolution.

For more information about the Program, contact local committee chair Frank W. Rogers, III, P.O. Box 2240, Roanoke, VA  24009, (540) 982-2900, frogers@mundyrogers.com, or click on the links below.

Fee Dispute Resolution Process

Virginia State Bar Fee Dispute Resolution Program