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2011 Volunteer Service Awards
Presented in June, 2012


President's Volunteer Service Awards  
     Lifetime - 4,000+ Hours

G. Mchael Pace, Jr.
Steven J. Talevi

     Silver Level - 250-499 Hours

Roy V. Creasy
Gregory D. Habeeb
Macel H. Janoschka
Alton L. Knighton, Jr.
Frank W. Rogers, III
Lori D. Thompson

     Bronze Level - 100-249 Hours

Jennings T. Bird
John Eric Blanton
David N. Cohan
Lindsey W. Coley*
Martha W. Elder
Eugene M. Elliott, Jr.
Aaron Balla Houchens
Todd A. Leeson
Stephen W. Lemon
Thomas H. Miller
Clinton S. Morse
Brandy M. Rapp
Kenneth J. Ries*
Henry L. Woodward

RBA Certificate of Commendation - 50 Hours

Kimberly Boyer Banta
Wilburn C. Dibling, Jr.
Ann Green*
Kevin W. Holt
B. Webb King*
Elizabeth G. Perrow

RBA Certificate of Commendation - 25 Hours

William E. Callahan, Jr.
David J. Damico*
Lauren E. Davis
William Calvin Smith
Joshua R. Treece*
Christine F. Underwood
Scott A Webber*


*Includes 25 or more hours of pro bono legal services provided through Blue Ridge Legal Services