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2008 Volunteer Service Awards
Presented in June, 2009


President's Volunteer Service Awards  
     Gold Level - 500+ Hours G. Michael Pace, Jr.
     Silver Level - 250-499 Hours

Roy V. Creasy
Bryson J. Hunter
Kristin B. Johnson
Alton L. Knighton. Jr.
George A. McLean, Jr.
John T. Molumphy, III
Hon. Diane M. Strickland
Hugh B. Wellons

     Bronze Level - 100-249 Hours

John Eric Blanton
Francis H. Casola
Mark K. Cathey
David N. Cohan
Eugene M. Elliott, Jr.
Leah S. Gissy
Maryellen F. Goodlatte
B. Webb King
Kevin P. Oddo
Elizabeth G. Perrow
Brandy M. Rapp
Richard D. Scott
Lori D. Thompson
Jeffrey A. Van Doren
Samuel F. Vance, IV
Lindsey Ann Waters
Henry L. Woodward

RBA Certificate of Commendation - 50 Hours David A. Bowers
Kimberly M. Boyer
William E. Callahan, Jr.
John D. Eure*
Kenneth J. Ries*
RBA Certificate of Commendation - 25 Hours

Elizabeth C. Beck
Lindsay K. Grindo *


*Includes 25 or more hours of pro bono legal services provided through Blue Ridge Legal Services