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Welcome to the Roanoke Bar Association Website

The Roanoke Bar Association was established to provide a forum for the promotion of professional excellence among members of the Bar in the Roanoke area and to foster the development of community relationships between the citizens and the membership. Our ongoing mission is to provide innovative and educational opportunities for the members and to expand public awareness through the creation of long-term, professional relationships based upon integrity, fairness, and respect.

The information contained in this website provides an overview of matters of interest concering the Roanoke Bar Association. It does not atttempt to address one's rights or obligations under the law, or how the law would be applied in a particular situation, and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.  Copyright 2001, Roanoke Bar Association.  All rights reserved.

RBA Monthly Meeting
April 8, 2014

The meeting is called to order by President Stephen Lemon   Legislative Committee Chairman Nick Leitch introduces the guest speaker    
Dean Tammi M. Hellwig discusses Third Year at W&L   Hon. Sam Wilson presents a memorial resolution in memory of William B. Poff    

Many thanks to Cyndee Holland and Melinda
Childress-Dearing , RVLSA, for their help with